Workplace Safety

Three things I will do to stay safe at work.

do some training before I did this work

wear something to protect myself

when I do some dangerous jobs ,I can ask some one to help me

3 things to keep others safe

remind him to wear something that can protect himself

tell him dangerous points

help him if he does not know how to doW

Canadian studies 10 :Canadian Arctic

What kind of foods do the Arctic People eat?

They eat fish,whales,mainly seals,birds, walrus and polar bear

Would you eat the same food?


Describe what their housing looks like?

They live in tents

Could you live in the Arctic?


Why are people relocating all the time?

Because they wonder about the advisability of oil companies are now trying to obtain approval from the air force for the release of some of the air force for oil exploration work next year.

Why are there so many Indigenous peoples of the Arctic countries?

Because they have much population at first and many different kinds of natural rescourses

Did the number surprise you? Yes or No? Why or Why not?

yes ,It is really surprise that so many people live in such a bad environment