My Stress Vulnerability Goal

My goal for lowering my level of stress vulnerability is doing yoga on a regular basis to release the tension in my body and allowing my mind to focus on something other than school and athletics. Another goal is to listen to upbeat music and to make myself feel good and power through the work that is causing the stress.

Needs vs. Wants

Something I always thought I needed was a cell phone. When my parents gave me my first phone in grade 6, I was excited and happy. As I went through middle school I started to use it less and less, I only used it for games, calling, and texting. When I got to grade 9 everyone had phones and used them for all different types of reasons but I only used it for three things: texting, calling, and snapchat. I realized that this object I had wanted for so long, I didn’t really need it. I could use a public pay phone or a friends for to call someone. I still have a cell phone I just try not to spend all my time on it, I think this is a want because there are different ways to get in contact with other people.