Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

K. Smith, is a character from the short story to fisherman by Morley Callaghan. He is

also known as Smitty. He is a simple, shy person who wants very little from other

people; however many people choose not to talk to him because he is a hangman. The

town reporter, Michael Foster, approaches Smitty to get information for his article.

Michael soon discovers that Smitty is misunderstood, and people give him a quick

judgment. Smitty thinks, “Somebody’s got to do my job. There’s got to be a hangman.”

(Callaghan 2) he is detached from his job; Smitty prefers to, “… never read about them.”

Because it would make the job too hard for him (Callaghan 2). K. Smith, is a

misunderstood character who has simple beliefs and a simple life, but many people

would rather judge him then get to know him.

One thought on “Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

  1. Thank you for posting your character sketch, based on the story “Two Fishermen” written by Morley Callaghan. Here are my observations regarding your work:

    – Introduces the character, but does not give context to the story and/or the author
    – Does not properly include two integrated quotations
    > attempts at there, but must put references at the end of sentences
    – Gives some insight on the character
    – Spelling and grammar mistakes throughout, needed further editing
    > Story titles should be in quotation marks and capitalized

    Thank you for submitting and interesting post about the character!

    Mr. Barazzuol
    English Teacher

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