Water Conservation

1.Explain why water conservation is necessary in Canada.

– Conserving water in Canada is necessary because it can be used for a renewable water source. Although we have a ton of water and take it for granted, other countries are not as fortunate as us. By conserving water not only will our supply last longer, but we could help countries in need. Water is essential to every country on earth. From growing plants, feeding animals, and for human consumption we wouldn’t be able to survive without our vast supply of water. We have one of the cleanest water sources on Earth and we need to sustain that. Water will only last so long being such a clean source.

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Spreadsheet – Canada/BC


British Columbia:


1. The population in British Columbia and Canada as a whole has grown vastly and will continue to grow in the future.
2. The birth rates where fairly high during the years of 2012 and 2013 but have exceeded those heights and have kept going up.
3. The natural increase in Canada has fluctuated from 2012. The natural increase in Canada has gradually decreased.
4. The most important information that would impact my business would be the Birth Rates of British Columbia and Canada. If we know the data, and know that the birth rates will gradually increase we know the amount of production necessary.
5. For education purposes as the amount of newborns will influence the future of how many kids will attend certain districts of schools. Population increase as a whole can help a business that produces food so they know if they will need to expand their business to meet the needs of the population.
6. Personally, if I was a politician, I would make sure to monitor the amount of kids families are having to ensure that our population doesn’t exceed our limits over time. From the data I have put together that over a long period of time our population will be huge. Not only would I monitor the birth rate, I would also make sure that there are a number of job opportunities available as well as the sizes of public schools for upcoming children.