3 reasons why I don’t like this subject

1. First off, there are too many different views to make an accurate accusation of wether or not people accept being called redskin, or oppose it. From the videos we watched I learned that in one video, everyone was accepting of the Washington Redskins and the name and logo didn’t offend them in the slightest; however, in the other video they listed off names of who they truly were and the name redskin wasn’t accepted.

2. I hate the common misconception that the Washington Redskins are trying to insult the Native Americans. To start, the logo was created by a Native American himself; moreover, before they created the team they went to leaders and made sure there were no conflicts between them. Everyone sees the Washington Redskins to be racist for their name. They were never trying to put anyone down, the name and logo were into be seen as “warrior like” figures.

3. The Redskins have been around since 1971 and there haven’t been any serious actions that have happened so why are we being introduced to this topic now? If they were fine until now this story does not affect us. The Redskins are a loyal team never intending their team as a negative image.