I am currently reading the story Night written by Elie Wiesel. The story starts off in the life of Eliser a young boy and his family in a town. The families in the town are mainly of Jewish descent. Eliser is a young boy who strives to practice his religion and get a master, but his father says he is too young to get one. Eliser’s father gets news that everyone in the town must be on the street the next morning and only allowed to bring one valuable belonging. They load onto a bus with no idea where they are headed. A pitch black bus moves throughout the night and when they wake up they arrive at a Jewish labour concentration camp where they witness babies and other people being burned to death in the “chimney”.

The story so far has some very interesting parts but also parts that are starting to get repetitive. Some parts that have interested me is where the Jews were forced onto the street one morning with very short notice. Without reasoning they are forced to get on different buses that are headed somewhere no one realizes. Other parts that don’t catch my attention and start to get boring is when we are introduced to the characters lives in the concentration camps.