Our Prime Minister And The Cold War

—Answer Key Question: Between Trudeau and Mulroney, who did more to create a Canada that matches our Canadian identity today? – also discuss why the other doesn’t match our identity.

1. Canada had two organizations that were the Commonwealth as well as the La Francophonie. Commonwealth was the countries that once belonged to the British empire while La Francophonie was most of the French speaking states. In 1950, Canada created a plan called the “Colombo Plan” where Canada provided money and aid to less-developed countries apart of the organization. One way that Canada helped other countries was by inviting students from overseas to Canada to come and study for a better education. When Canada accepted Bomarc Missles, they never realized the issues that would come with it. It came to a realization that nuclear war would amount to global suicide. “Trade and Aid’ was a term that represented a process that stimulates developing countries economies with aid so they can access global markets. NAFTA which was the North American Free Trade Agreement was an agreement between Canada, the US, and Mexico that removed trading barriers between them. FIRA was a foreign investment agency setup by the Trudeau government that blocked any foreign investment that didn’t interest Canada. SDI also nicknamed “Star Wars” was a huge budget that was the US plan to create a defensive shield. The 1980 Summer Olympics was part one of a number of actions were taken place by the US to protest against the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Personally I feel as if Trudeau did more to Canada to match our current identity.

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