Canada Prepares For War

1. World War I started with Britain declaring war and since Canada was allied with them they accompanied Britain. In Canada there were many people that wanted to join the war because they felt as if it would boost their reputations. More soldiers than expected joined the war. In World War II, Canada was a self-governing country which means they could make the decisions on their own. Some of Parliament thought it would be a good idea for Canada to enter the war once again but not everyone in Parliament had the same views. While part of Parliament was for the war the other was not, this didn’t necessarily change the minds of Canadians altogether. Like World War I, many people still joined the army to go and fight with Britain.

2. The BCAPT which stands for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was a program which focused on teaching Pilots the proper techniques going into World War II. C.D. Howe was an industrialized put in charge of Munitions and Supplies as the federal government felt it was necessary to have more control over these areas during the war. Not only was Howe an Industrialist, he had a lot of power from controlling Canadian farms to other corporations.

3. Canada had a divided parliament where part was against conscription and some were for participating in the war. Ultimately the Canadians chose themselves if they wanted to contribute in the war. Mainly joined the war for reputation and to represent their country.

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