Letter To Mr. Bennett

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I am writing to you today to advise you of my current struggles and as a plead for help. First off, I have been a farmer for many years, and this is the only source of income I have to provide for myself and my family. As you probably already know that the drought has hit, my crops haven’t been able to grow, I haven’t been able to provide food nor money for my family’s necessities. We are on the edge of starvation and need food to survive. As I have no other source of income for my family, I have been in line for Pogey waiting to tell my story and receive little money to help with my family. An unfortunate turn of events came from Pogey as they didn’t believe my story and felt as if I had items in my household that had value, when truly I have nothing but my kids who are starving. I know you are in a difficult spot yourself dealing with the On-To-Ottawa Trek, but if you work past that and are able to help me it would mean to world to myself, as well as my kids. Not only can I not provide for my kids, neither can my ex-husband who is currently in a work camp where he works dreadful hours daily doing hard work in very poor conditions. He has said to have made little money, but he hasn’t reached out to us in months since he left me on my own to fend for the kids. He leaves me with no money for the children as well as no help to take care of them, it’s truly heartbreaking. The conditions in other provinces have also been cruel. I have travelled to see work camps but they seem to be very difficult and I can’t take too much time off from looking after my children ages 5 and 7. I know you are a good man with a warm heart Mr. Bennett, all I ask is if there is anyway that you can help me provide food to help my starving kids or even provide a place to sleep at night. I don’t want my kids to see me as a failure to them as my parents were very good to me. I hope you find that gentle spot in your heart to consider helping me.


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