Conditions on the Front

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Hi Friend,

Great to hear from you! I’ve been waiting a long time and I am very happy to finally open my mail and see it’s from you! Hopefully the war will be over soon enough so I can come home to see you and my other loved ones. I didn’t realize all that was going on at home and although i’m in the war, it seems pretty difficult to comprehend over at home. I believe from what I have heard from a few of the guys at the base that the economy at home hasn’t been doing so well. I heard that schools have been closing down due to scarcity as well as the supply of items such as butter and sugar have been limited. Not only have resources been scarce, but I heard about the harsh hitting income tax. I guess now that i’m done with what I have heard i will tell you a little bit about how it’s been going over here. The war conditions are continually changing and we are always having to be able to adjust due to certain circumstances. The war in the air is very complex in a sense that that you need to almost do a figure 8 shape in order to take out the enemies. The guns are on the front of the plane and it is to hard to use a planted gun and steer the plane at the same time. The objective is to get behind the other plane to be able to shoot them down. Planes are also used to drop bombs on enemies territory. Moving on I will tell you about my purpose in the war, by war at sea. Battle at sea is rough, there are illnesses we face as well as the rough waters. We conquest to attack enemies. On course, sometimes we need to figure out how to get around an allied ship usually meaning steer to the right, but not always does this happen. Miscommunication can cause the ships to crash but this doesn’t occur too often. Lastly, the war front on the land takes place constructed by a commander. Our strategy is to usually fire cannons trying to take out the enemy followed by a line of infantry to push afterwards. Now that I have explained a few ways of battle, let me tell you about a recent battle, the battle of Ypres. This took place on April 22, 1915 where Canadian troops were moved into the city of Ypres. The Canadians who were allied with the British, formed a concave bend to get to the Germans strategically. The German’s objective during this war was to remove the “Salient”. The Germans had released 160 tons of chlorine gas although it was illegal at the time. This forced the Canadians to find a way to avoid the gas. They tried to continue and push towards the Germans, but they only made it around 3.5 kilometers where they dug a trench and waited there. Although the final outcome had nearly 1.7 million causalities from both sides of the war, Canada was finally seen as a formidable fighting force, and they were congratulated by a message by the Prime Minister. I hope you see how tough the war truly is and hope you had the time to read this whole message. Stay safe, lots of love.


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