Causes of WWI

1. Identify the Countries:

A) Serbia
B) Austria
C) Russia
D) Germany
E) France
F) Britain

2. Alliances:

First off, Serbia gains help from Russia. They form an alliance and Russia helps them during the war. When Russia and Germany’s treaty had ended, Russia sided with Britain and France forming a “triple entente”. Germany and Austria work together to eliminate France.

3. Nationalism:

The Balkans tried supporting Bosnia by fighting trying to separate them from Austria-Hungary. Their main objective was the become an independent country.

4. Imperialism:

3 countries strived to claim land in many places but a main hit was Africa. These countries were France, Germany, and Britain. Access to this land was imperative for military and ability to access to Mediterranean for naval forces.

5. Militarism:

Between Germany and Britain, they wanted more power than each other. So, they spent as much money as they could to improve their military. Britain was power hungry and built their military so strong that it was better than 2 countries total. This started a chain reaction in which other countries tried to keep up by promoting and improving their military as well.

6. Sequence of Events:

A) The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the terrorist organization “Black Hand”. Austria wants to gain access to Serbia for information, but their request is denied.
B) On July 28, 1914 war was declared between Serbia and Austria.
C) Serbia gains military support from Russia during the war.
D) Austria gains military support from Germany who joins the declared war.
E) France is after Germany and wants mobilization.
F) The French get support from the British. Due to the triple entente, Britain was only able to defend during the war.

7. Analysis:

A) This represents Serbia’s perspective as well as the perspective on the “Triple Entente” between France, Germany, and Britain.
B) The first country is depicted as a child shown as a small figure because Serbia itself is a small country who gradually needs help.
C) Personally, the meaning of the title to me is sarcastic because it is most definitely not “a chain of friendship”. These countries all create new problems leading to war on each other and requiring support from other countries.

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