Pros and Cons of energy sources

Type of Energy Pros and Cons

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons – Benefits & Problems

– Multi engine power
– No emission test required
– Its quiet and durable
– When the battery runs out gas kicks in
– Less work required
– Less pollution

– Not all hybrids are equal
– Weak 12 volt battery
– Lower mileage for car
– Rising gas price increases hybrids prices as well


– Considered environmentally friendly and causes less pollution
– Geothermal reservoirs are renewable
– Great for cooling and heating
– Available everywhere

– Geothermal power plants in extreme can cause earthquakes
– Very location specific
– Heavy upfront costs with this product
– Only sustainable if reservoirs are properly managed.


7 Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

– Can be built on existing farms
– Rapid growth and huge future potential
– It uses modern technology
– Extra savings for land owners
– Renewable source
– Cost effective
– Clean source of power

– Threat to wildlife
– Wind reliability, only works when wind occurs
– Noise and visible pollution
– Safety of people
– Only suitable in certain locations
– Takes a lot of open area


– It is very cheap and affordable
– Always constant power as water is always moving
– Its clean as it uses water as its fuel
– Can be customizable to fit certain locations

– Droughts, when low water levels occur and generate as much energy
– Can prevent fish from moving upstream
– High construction cost to build the hydroelectric power plant


Pros and Cons of Biomass Energy

– Biomass energy is renewable
– Dependency on fossil fuels is reduced
– Doesn’t produce carbon fumes
– Is widely available all over the world
– Can be used in many forms of organic matter
– Helps reduce wastes

– It is not always totally cleaned when it is burned
– It can also lead to deforestation as wood is a major source for biomass energy


– Solar energy is renewable
– It is very abundant
– Environmentally friendly
– Sustainable
– Reduces electricity costs
– Good availability
– Low maintenance, is silent

– Is very expensive
– Intermittent
– Associated with pollution
– Energy storage is also expensive
– Requires a lot of space
– Exotic materials

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