Solutions to Poverty

1. Topa J Islamic P School from Uganda

2. The unique thing about this schools situation is that this school does not have access to consistently clean water. Since there water isn’t clean they use all their current money for firewood where they burn it to boil their water to get rid of bacteria. They are willing to pay back their loan through student fees which is collected after every term.

3. The money is going towards a installing and maintaining a UV water filtration system that is accessible by all students and staff members. The water tank can store up to 750 Litres of water which is enough for their school daily.

4. This loan is risky because they are going to pay us back using money from student fees they recieve at the end of a term. It is going towards a great cause. Helping kids maintain a clean water source which allows them to stay healthy. Without this system they can catch water-borne diseases which take away from their time at school and also prevents them from being able to concentrate.

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