Defining Poverty

1. The problems with measuring poverty can differentiate from different people’s opinions. The standard of living is the way a person lives in a community. The size of the person’s house, the items, and the price all account for the standard of living. The problem with measuring the standard of living is that people have different perspectives from different countries. From the U.S. they may see an expensive house in Bolivia and assume that they are living in poverty as they are much wealthier in the U.S. Relative poverty is where people don’t have the necessary income to keep their standard of living high. Although people find this easy to measure there are always errors in people’s assumptions. Absolute poverty is where people can’t maintain basic human needs such as shelter, food, and water. HDI is a statistical life expectancy based on standard of living, health, and education.

2. Personally, the best way to measure poverty in Canada and the world is by using absolute poverty because it is easier to represents the whole population of the country and the world better than the other options.

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