China’s Policy

1. Personally, I believe that the answer is yes. China is a very overpopulated country where personal space is even an issue. By implementing a one child policy per family it enables their countries populations growth to slow down. Where eventually there will be more space and even job opportunities.

2. In certain situations I do believe this is fair. Many families had the ability to control their family size and many abused this privilege by have a lot of kids which leads to overpopulation in the long run. Chinese families seem to reproduce many children and with this one child policy it will enable their country to control growth. Also, it can be unfair in the fact that giving birth is a personal choice and families should have that right.

3. The policy worked so well that now there are less people able to take care of the seniors. This is what lead to them removing the policy.

For question 1, a counter argument that best fits would be that India managed to maintain a balanced population without implementing a one child policy. India and china are relatively close in population although India’s area is not quite as big.

For question 2, the argument remains the same. China’s one child policy is fair to the citizens because without it, it would cause a population spike in their country affecting them more.

For question 3, lowering the population is key and is bad because by doing this, there is a possibility to lower carbon dioxide levels and therefore could lower the population.


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