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Q: What is the meaning of Life?

In the story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty written by James Thurber, Walter Mitty is trapped with constant daydreams. What is the meaning of life? Such a vague question that there are endless answers to. They can differentiate solely on opinion. However, for Walter Mitty the meaning of life, is to live life to the fullest potential and leave earth with no regrets.

Throughout the course of the short story, Walter is induced with many daydreams. He daydreams about being on dangerous adventures but when he wakes up he realizes that he is too old to pursue any of his dreams. Walter has treacherous and action filled daydreams: “Throw on the power lights! Rev her up to 8500! We’re going through!” (Thurber 1). Walter has taken himself to a place he would have loved to take part in, but when he wakes up he realizes that he is too old to visit that in the present. Daydream after daydream, Walter is reminded that he didn’t make enough use of his time and regrets not being able to achieve some of the goals he has now. Walter plays his daydreams as reality inside his head “Objection!” Shouted Mitty’s attorney. “We have shown that the defendant could not have fired the shot” (Thurber 13). In this state, Walter imagines himself in a courtroom; moreover, he was being accused for shooting a gun. Walter reminisces for events he wish he could have taken part in.

So what is the meaning of Life? Well, precieved from Walter Mitty, the meaning is to make sure you achieve your goals when you are young; ultimately, if you wait until you are too old and not able to achieve them, you will spend your days living in regret. Seize the day and fulfill your dreams to the best of your ability.

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