Macbeth Inquiry Question

Q: Why do people do evil knowing it is evil?

In the play Macbeth Written by William Shakespeare, tragic actions happen after Macbeth is forced by his cruel wife; however, he was also influenced by the prophesies told by the three witches. Why do people do evil knowing it is evil? In this play these actions occur after being pressured by being called a “coward” and removing the name of Macbeth’s manhood by his treacherous wife. Back in the day, witches played a huge part in predicting the future for oneself. For Macbeth, they wished him to be King: “All hail Macbeth. Who shalt be king hereafter” (I, iii, 49). Here the witches announced that Macbeth will overtake the throne of King Duncan. Macbeth thinks that this is true so he makes it happen. The witches lead him with a floating dagger, he follows it and violently kills King Duncan willingly. The witches weren’t the only force that made Macbeth kill King Duncan, his wife played a major role. He was turning away from completing the task because he had realized the consequences it would have, and how it would disrupt their daily lives. She was cruel towards him: “When you durst do it, then you were a man” (I, vii, 49). She calls him out on not being a man; moreover, Macbeth wants to prove his true manhood and continues with the plan to kill King Duncan. Lastly, once Macbeth had completed the deed he was power hungry, the power was contagious and he couldn’t get enough. He became so scared and caught up in what he had just done he wasn’t able to sleep. The horrible act turned him permantly evil committing more murders. So why do people do evil knowing it’s evil? It simple, society pressures them and once they complete the task they become greedy and want more.


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