3 Things I Hate About Lord Of The Flies

1. Lord of the Flies does not intrigue me in the slightest. First off the symbolism in the story is too deep to understand the first time through. The book involves too much thought to thouroughly see the deep meaning. If you were to read the book literally it would be plain and boring throughout the 225 pages. Like me, I couldn’t identify the hidden meanings and points throughout the story. I read the book very literally. For example when Golding described Piggy’s glasses breaking. All I could see that his glasses wear actually damaged; I couldn’t realize that they symbolized the boys being halfway to savagery.


2. Secondly, I didn’t enjoy how wretched and violent the book was when the kids were only 13 years old. The fact that the book was based during WWII didn’t make me want to read the book. I hate to think of war; it brings me into the thought of death. Golding shouldn’t be incorporating violence into a book with children. Although the plot of the book was informative and very detailed seeing the bigger picture was very hard. The plot was scattered and I felt I could never really see the climax in the story. Too many conflicts and I felt as if the rising action carried throughout the entire story. The symbols in the story were mainly dark and the story was very gory. The ending to the story was horrendous; although they were “saved” they were only being brought back to the bigger war.


3. Lastly, the book is very old, in fact my parents read it when they were in school making it fairly ancient. The vocabulary threw me off while I was reading it; half the words I had never seen in my life. I feel as if we should have read a story more relevant to our time and one possibly relating to where we live. Overall I didn’t enjoy the book due to the non-intriguing plot, the violence, and how out-dated the book is.


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