What literature has taught me about the effects of racism.

Racism has had an enormous effect on humanity. It has been the cause of many wars, protests, and riots all around the world. The poem “What do you remember of the evacuation,” tells of how thousands of innocent Japanese people were taken from their homes, and forced into internment camps. This made them feel ashamed of themselves, all because of racism. Racism has ruined the lives of innocent young children who are full of potential. As explored in Sugar falls and Indian horse, Saul’s family is torn apart and he is forced into an unjust imprisonment inside a residential school. Just as Saul is beginning to succeed as a hockey player, his love and motivation to play the game are destroyed and he is left broken and alone. Racism has lessened the trust people have for each other. It has created preconceived notions that some are less trustworthy, or less hardworking than others because of their race. In Indian Horse, it is shown that the job market for first nations people is very slim, and they are forced to do the dirty work of the “higher class.”

Racism has had no positive effect on humanity; all examples (Indian Horse, What do you remember…) only further illustrate the discrimination and suffering it has instilled in our world.

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