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Ma Now! Not Ma later.

Having a spice crisis? Come down to Ma now Thai Kitchen for a flavourful awakening.

Photo of Ma Now Thai Kitchen - Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Interior 1

Stepping through the door, the bright and welcoming interior is immediately noticeable. Everything has a nice wooden, modern look and is very visually appealing. For the architecture enthusiast in the family, an entire half of the restaurant has been built as a kind of art piece, with bright, raw, natural wood coming together to create an impressive and original design.


Once you sit down, you are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff, that is very helpful if your Thai knowledge is a bit lacking. The menu provides a wide variety of mouth-watering meals, offering plenty of dishes ranging from easygoing creamy soups to intense burning flavors that

will leave you begging for some milk. If that’s what you’re after a favorite of mine is the Hung Lay curry. A plentiful beef curry dish that balances sweetness and spice in a perfect blend of flavors, served with a side of fresh, steaming hot coconut rice. Ma now also offers an assortment of vegetarian and vegan options, such as the Vegan Basil Stir Fry and the Vegetarian Pad Si Ew. The house-made, refreshing beverages like the Iced Ginger Tea Lemonade is delicious and helps to cool your mouth down whenever you might need a break from the intense flavors and spice. There are a variety of desserts available at Ma-Now, although the homemade coconut ice cream is always a great choice. Topped with jackfruit and drizzled with a decadent chocolate sauce, it’s been ordered every time I visit and this dessert has never disappointed. I found this restaurant when my grandma came over to visit. We always have to decide on a restaurant to eat out at as a family, and we were tired of the same old chains. So we decided to take a chance and try something new. Ever since then, it’s become certain that we’ll all go to Ma Now Thai Kitchen whenever we’re wit family since it never disappoints. I love every aspect of this restaurant. The great service, the stylish restaurant itself, and especially the delicious food. If you’re looking for some exceptional, authentic Thai food, Ma Now Thai Kitchen is a great choice and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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