Connection based learning

My collaboration based learning experience has been pretty good, our science 9 class collaborated with different people to complete and design a new light that would help light poverty in the Dominican republic. We skyped with multiple people to help us design and come up with new ideas for our project. Mr Fogarty, and Eladio and Dennis. Eladio and Dennis showed us the conditions in the Dominican republic which helped us to come up with designs and possible ideas.

Mr Fogarty’s class were the ones who really kickstarted our creative process, they showed us what they had done which helped us start what we were doing. After these Skype chats our group came up witha type of light that could be easily recharged and used phone batteries so that it would last a while. Our light it created from a 3D printer which takes a while but the end product is worth the wait. Eladio and Dennis had the idea to use thin PVC pipes to make the lights faster and more efficiently. We shared our ideas and came to the conclusion that 3D printing would be a better over all choice since in the end it’s a better product.

I think that after this project I gained experience and it did help me become a better student since it helped me with writing and creating new things. And It helped the community by getting everyone together for fundraising and things like that.

I think I met my learning goals since I reached everything I wrote down mostly, all of the things we had to put into our self written criteria, I think I met. Through the whole experience I gained a lot of knowledge and experience that helped me accomplish the “Create” section of the criteria. I researched and came up with a new product which meets criteria in the “Design” section. Our Skype chats and reaching out to people has met the criteria in “Networking” and the constant blog posting met the rubric in “Celebrate”.

Sometimes it was frustrating but I got used to it and I think in the end it helped me become an overall better student. I think I can improve on reaching out more since I didn’t really do a lot of that and mostly relied on Skype chats to get info. all the collaboration went well and I don’t know what else I could do to improve it.

In the end I think that the connections based learning experience was pretty cool, and was different from things that we’d done in school before.



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