First Peoples Principles of Learning

After the winter break our science 9 class learned about the first people principles of learning and how they taught the students in school. We watched a video about it and they showed us some of the principles they had.

This is the video we were shown the first people’s principles of learning,

This is a chart showing all of the principles, it talks about patience and time, roles and responsibilities, and focused on connectedness and reciprocal relationships.

I think the way we did our SSEP and engineering brightness projects has a lot in common with the principles of learning, here are the main points I found that relate the most.

  1. Patience and time – Both the SSEP and engineering brightness projects took a lot of patience because we had to research all of the different parts of the project like the bacteria and the micro-gravity container and everything involved. The engineering brightness also involved patience and time because of the process of brainstorming and coming up with the project idea,

2. Connectedness – During both projects we all had to work together to create the project and make it the best we could. We all put our heads together to make each project the best we could, which showed connectedness. If we did it by ourselves it may not have been the best because of the fewer ideas we would’ve had.

3. The well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors – While this may not have benefited our ancestors or family, it did help me become a better student since it helped me with writing and creating new things. it helped the community by getting everyone together for fundraising and things like that.

So in conclusion, I think that a lot of the stuff that we did was connected to the first people’s principles of learning.

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