April 5

Math 10 week 7

  1. In this first equation we had to use SIN, because we have the hypotenuse and we are trying to find the opposite side. To use this equation we need a minimum of three pieces of information( where the reference angle is, where the 90 degree angle, and how long one of the sides are). After labelling all the sides you must find out which calculation to use in this case we are using SIN and the equation is ( Sin 31)=x/46
  2. In this second equation i used COSIN because we new all the information that we needed. We had the length of the opposite and we were trying to find the length of the hypotenuse and we know what the reference angle is. After labeling all the sides, we use the equation (COSIN 23)= 32/x
  3. In the third triangle wwe had to find the reference angle which is alot different type of formula the trying to find one of the sides of the triangle. In this case we still need three peices of information but it’s a bit different in the way that we dont yet have the reference angle. So by finding it we can then find the rest of the measurements of the tryangle. Thr equation that we use is (23/29) tan-.
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