December 16

Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

In class we read the induction scene of “Taming of the Shrew” written by William Shakespeare and we were tasked with stop motion animating the scene. This project was completed by Rafael Sevilla III, Evan Case and Chris Raggett. The induction is the main story of a piece of literature or media and the induction is what is shown throughout the animation. The inset is a storyline inside of the main storyline and is shown at the very end when the scene pans black and the first line of the play is said. Some of the challenges that we occurred during this project were having to control and move the characters around. Trying to separate the work load equally in the group was difficult because some members of the group did not have the props outside of school. A few things that we learned was how to use an important new piece of technology (stop motion). We have learned how to translate an out of date language into more modern day language. We have also learned how to read and comprehend the language of William Shakespeare. For our re-enactment of “Taming of the Shrew”, we used Lego props and a laptop for the background settings of the scenes.