June 18

Multimedia Poetry and Analysis


Multimedia Poetry and Analysis


In this unit, we have been looking at different types of poem. For this assignment, you will have to find a poem on the website, Poetry in Voice, www.poetryinvoice.com. Choose one of the poems from the grade 9 to grade 12 appropriate section that is on the website. Demonstrate that you understand the poem clearly and complete the following two steps.

Step #1

Whether it is a video or PowerPoint, add key images, music, or a voice over to bring the poem to life. Find a way to make the poem that you have selected visually interesting to read or hear. Ask yourself how can I make people feel the emotion or mood of this poem? How can I make the audience realize the importance of this poem? How can I highlight the important parts of the poem through images?


Step #2

Include your analysis of the poem. Follow the Analysis sheet provided below and include all the information. Show that you clearly understand the poem. Once you have completed the assignment, upload your analysis and poem on Edublog by the end of Wednesday’s class. The tag for this assignment will be #Eng12poemanalysis.

This assignment is worth 20 marks.

Title of Poem: Thoughtless Cruelty


Type of Poem:


Author: Charles Lamb

Literal Meaning

After you read the poem, what does the literal meaning seem to be? What is happening in the poem?

The literal meaning of the poem is the life of a fly, and no matter how small life is we should not take it for granted.





Pick out three uses of imagery and write them below (this will most likely be a phrase or line from the poem), then explain what the poet is trying to convey with this image. (include line citations)


1].        IMAGE:There, Robert, you have kill’d that fly


MEANING: Robert had taken the life of a fly.


2].        IMAGE:A bird devours it in his flight


MEANING: That the bird has also killed a fly but for a different reason.


3].        IMAGE:A creature’s pain by small or great


MEANING: that all life is important and no matter how small it may be we shouldn’t take it for granted






Lyric Qualities

Describe the sound of this poem. You will use terms like: internal rhyme, rhyme scheme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and repetition. Find two specific lines or elements of the poem to discuss. List them and then tell what you think they mean.

(include line citations)


1].            Lyric Device:You surely must have been devoid

Of thought and sense, to have destroy’d

A thing which no way you annoy’d



Meaning: end rhyme “d’


2].        Lyric Device: rhyme scheme

Meaning: AAAB


Figurative Meaning

Find at least two figurative devices and explain what they mean. You are looking for terms like: simile, metaphor, allusion, symbolism and personification.

(include line citations)

1].        Figurative Device: And should you thousand ages try, hyperbole

Meaning: “Thousand ages” is a hyperbole of time


2].            Figurative Device: A life by Nature made so short,

Less reason is that you for sport

Should shorter make it. (metaphor)


Meaning: comparing the killing of a fly to hunting.


  1. Figurative Device: The fly

Meaning: Symbolises life.



What do you think is the message of this poem?

I believe the message in the poem is about equality. How in life people think that one person may be better then others, but at the end of the day we are all just “fibers, nerves, and flesh” (Line 29). In this poem the poet explains the importance of life from the perspective of a fly. People look down on flies as nuisances but they are still living, and breathing creatures like the rest of us. Poetic


I chose a photo of the grim reaper from my visual content because the poem portrays a tone that is grim, mysterious, and full of death.