October 5

September foods 12 lab reflection

For this months reflection I chose to reflect on the sunflower crepes. This has been my favourite recipe we’ve done so far, not only is it pretty simple to make but it also tastes amazing. They are the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Even though they did not turn out perfectly, they were still really fun to make. While we were placing the crepes in the cup cake tray some of the bottoms ripped cause some of the egg to seep throuh the crepe and stick to the tray when we tried to take them out. The execution of taking them out of the tray was the most difficult part of the whole lab. Most of our crepes were stuck to the bottom of the tray causing them to rip even further and making them look more like an egg explosion on our plates rather then a sun flower. Throughout this lab our group worked very well together. As soon we got in the kitchen we had one person working on the bacon, one on the green onions, one on eggs and cheese, and one assembling the crepes after everything was complete. Once one person finished there duty they started right away on the dishes and cleaning as we went along, and once the crepes were in the oven everyone worked together to clean the unit and take the green wast out. Being a rather simple lab I wouldn’t say there were any issues and things ran very smoothly. How ever if I were to do this lab all over again I would not have left the crepes to sit in the fridge for so long. I understand that it was important to let the crepes cool, but I think that leaving the crepes in fridge made them a little ridged and harder to fold into the baking sheet.

October 2

coffee video response

2 things I learned:

  • coffee beans are actually the pit of a cherry like fruit.
  • the more you roast the coffee beans the lower caffeine count they have.

1 thing you already knew:

  • caffeine perks you up and makes you feel more energetic.

1 Question:

  • how much caffeine is in a light roast coffee compared to a dark roast coffee?

Answer: There is  approximately  95mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee whether it be light roast or dark roast, even though people think dark roast has a higher caffeine rating because it tastes stronger this is not the case. The type of bean if its dark, medium, or light roast doesn’t really have any effect on the caffeine rating in your cup of coffee.

October 1

Foods 12 waste plane

wasted food in our house:

There’s not much food that usually goes to wast in our house, however with two teenage boys there’s not usually very much food in our house. When food is cooked at home, and what ever we don’t eat we keep for lunches or a quit dinner. Theres always some stuff we end up throwing away like if we forget something in the fridge or if some food products expired, but we try to throw food away as little as possible. We do like to eat out quite a bit, but even what we don’t eat get taken home, however that food a lot of the Time is thrown away just because it takes up so much space.


areas for improvement:

We could definitely stop eaten out. That would lead to a lot less takeout containers and food that spoils quit in our fridge. As well as save money and get us to eat more of the food in our fridge that we bought at the market. Another way could be to make more frequent trips to the market, This was we are only buying what we need and not purchasing so much that half of it goes to wast.


Feasible actions:

When we do eat out take left overs for lunch, so that nothing is wasted, and talk to parents about buying less groceries so that there’s is not so much of one thing that no ones ends up eating and it ends up going bad.

September 22

The secluded lot


  1. Introduction: “I’d like to inquire about a lot”(115)
  2. Rising action: “I’d prefer an older location” “I mean, where trees and shrubs have had a chance to grow” (115)
  3. Rising action: “Am I allowed…” “Is the purchaser allowed to visit it at any time?” (117)
  4. Rising action: “Please sign here.”
  5. Climax: “Ouch!” “That cursed bee stung me.” “I’m sorry.” “But that sting cost the bee its life.”(119)
  6. Falling action: “How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery” “It’s on my property. I purchased it, did I not?”(119)
  7. Falling action: “Look here, I won’t have it. You must stop this at once!” “Mr. Jerome, I have done you a great service. Your flowers have never been so magnificent or plentiful.”
  8. Denouement: “Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.”


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