February 8

English restaurant review

Make you go Crazy Mexican


Charlie’s Mexican restaurant is a home cooked meal away from home. They cook authentic Mexican cuisine, and have a very inviting, family friendly environment. When you walk in the door of Charlies restaurant immediately you hear the soft and gentle sound of mariachi music playing in the background. Then Charlie himself seats you at one of their rustic wood tables topped with elaborate tile work. Surrounding you is a big collection of realistic Mexican decor such as; sombreros, maracas and the Mexican flag. You then get to pick the meal you will be having out of a variety of dishes. On the menu there is a mix of tacos, burritos, empanadas, enchiladas as well as salsa and chips for appetizers. While you wait for the food to arrive Charlie serves everyone cold drinks. I highly recommend ordering the chips, salsa and guacamole. The crispy tortilla chips are a great to pair with the exquisite guacamole and the freshly made salsa. When the meal is being walked from the kitchen to the table, you see is the steam rising from the food. Once the food arrives to the table you smell the fresh rice, signature baked beans and of course the piping hot enchiladas. They’re famous enchiladas are the reason people keep coming back for more. Two soft corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of chicken or beef will leave you wanting more. The meaty filling is always tender, juicy and seasoned with mouthwatering spices. The re-fried beans and the rice just melt in your mouth with every bite. The prices are very reasonable and the portion very generous. Before you know it your meal is finished, full but wishing there was more, you pay your bill. As you are leaving, you are walked to the door by Charlie himself with a huge smile on his face saying “see you soon” as if he knows it’s not your last time.

Marked by: Taylor Richards

Yelp: The food you get at this establishment is fantastic, and for the price you’re paying, you’re not going to find any place better.

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