April 27

Week 8 math 10

This week in math we learnt how to simplify and expand polynomials.

First if you were looking to simplify a polynomial you would need to eliminate the brackets then group like terms together. After you’ve done so depending on weather or not the sing in front if the number is a positive or negative you will to either add or subtract the number from the like terms.

Secondly if you were looking to expaned a polynomial you would need to distribut through out it. To do this you must take the nuber out I front of the brackets and multiply it by each number inside the brackets.

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April 5

Math 10 week 7

  1. In this first equation we had to use SIN, because we have the hypotenuse and we are trying to find the opposite side. To use this equation we need a minimum of three pieces of information( where the reference angle is, where the 90 degree angle, and how long one of the sides are). After labelling all the sides you must find out which calculation to use in this case we are using SIN and the equation is ( Sin 31)=x/46
  2. In this second equation i used COSIN because we new all the information that we needed. We had the length of the opposite and we were trying to find the length of the hypotenuse and we know what the reference angle is. After labeling all the sides, we use the equation (COSIN 23)= 32/x
  3. In the third triangle wwe had to find the reference angle which is alot different type of formula the trying to find one of the sides of the triangle. In this case we still need three peices of information but it’s a bit different in the way that we dont yet have the reference angle. So by finding it we can then find the rest of the measurements of the tryangle. Thr equation that we use is (23/29) tan-.
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March 9

math 10 week 6

This week in math we learnt how to calculate the surface area and the volume of a sphere. I never learnt how to do this before and that all cones, cylinders, and spheres. All of these shapes have something in common however all of these shapes must have the same dimensions

3 cones= 1 cylinder

2 cones= 1 sphere

1 cone + 1 sphere = 1 cylinder

3 hemispheres = 1 cylinder

1 cone =  1 hemisphere

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March 9

Math week 4

This week in math we learnt how to round measurements to the nearest (tenths, thousands… so on). Using this method just makes doing all the equations much easier and helps you estimate the right answer. and depending on the number after the one your trying to round will determine weather or not the number gets bigger or smaller. if the number is below 5, you round down to the next number down. But if the number in 5 or above you would round up.


Ex: if you have a number with a gross decimal like (43.5639428) you can use this method to simplify the number

To the nearest tenths: 43.6

to the nearest thousandth: 43.56

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February 9

Math 10 week one

last week we learnt how to find the prime factorisation of numbers. the prime factorisation is a specific combination of prime numbers that can be multiplied together to result in a product. like the prime factorisation of 30 is ( 2 x 3 x 5 ). in this video i show you how to find the prime factorisation using division tables.


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October 6

Sam the athlete paragraph

How would you feel if you were the only one on your whole team not wearing a skirt? In the short story “Sam the Athlete” written by Stuart McLean, a boy named Sam is going into middle school. Sam is very nervous so his mom and him go shopping and buy him a new pair of shoes. Sam wants to play sports but is not very athletic. The only sport he was relatively good at was being a hockey goalie. He saw that there was a field hockey team try out and thought that hockey on a field would be a good sport for him. He went to the try out and by the end he found out that the field hockey team was full of girls. Instead of quitting the team, he decided to stay on the team. That night he went home and shaved his legs to hide the fact that he was a boy, only to find out that the field hockey team was a coed team. The question is, should Sam continue wearing the skirt for his team uniform or wear shorts instead. In my opinion he shouldn’t have to continue wearing the skirt to feel like part of the team. The fact that someone was giving him positive reinforcement such as “that’s the spirit … Samantha” was all that he need to know to feel included. It wasn’t the skirt that made him feel good, it was the fact that people were cheering for him and were complementing him. By that logic he could wear the shorts and still feel the same way.