October 6

Sam the athlete paragraph

How would you feel if you were the only one on your whole team not wearing a skirt? In the short story “Sam the Athlete” written by Stuart McLean, a boy named Sam is going into middle school. Sam is very nervous so his mom and him go shopping and buy him a new pair of shoes. Sam wants to play sports but is not very athletic. The only sport he was relatively good at was being a hockey goalie. He saw that there was a field hockey team try out and thought that hockey on a field would be a good sport for him. He went to the try out and by the end he found out that the field hockey team was full of girls. Instead of quitting the team, he decided to stay on the team. That night he went home and shaved his legs to hide the fact that he was a boy, only to find out that the field hockey team was a coed team. The question is, should Sam continue wearing the skirt for his team uniform or wear shorts instead. In my opinion he shouldn’t have to continue wearing the skirt to feel like part of the team. The fact that someone was giving him positive reinforcement such as “that’s the spirit … Samantha” was all that he need to know to feel included. It wasn’t the skirt that made him feel good, it was the fact that people were cheering for him and were complementing him. By that logic he could wear the shorts and still feel the same way.