June 12

One minute film

Our group decided to recreate lamb to slaughter for our 1 minute video. Lamb to the slaughter is about a women who kills her husband when she try’s to leave her. She then proceeds to cover up her horrendous act and serves the murder weapon to the investigators of the crime scene. We decided to re create this short film because it has a very easy story line to follow and not a lot of location switches. The hardest part of this project was simply filming the scenes, it was difficult to stay focused because haley’s dog was in same room as we were. From the beginning Mishaal took charge and together we all decided the key parts of the film to recreate. We chose the scenes we did because they were the main plot points of the story. Because the original film was over twenty minutes long it was difficult to try and squeeze as much detail and characters into our one minute presentation. I was very satisfied with he end product and the amount of effort that went into it. I believe it summarized the key points of the story so that even if you haven’t seen the original you would be able to understand the story line.


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