October 1

Foods 12 waste plane

wasted food in our house:

There’s not much food that usually goes to wast in our house, however with two teenage boys there’s not usually very much food in our house. When food is cooked at home, and what ever we don’t eat we keep for lunches or a quit dinner. Theres always some stuff we end up throwing away like if we forget something in the fridge or if some food products expired, but we try to throw food away as little as possible. We do like to eat out quite a bit, but even what we don’t eat get taken home, however that food a lot of the Time is thrown away just because it takes up so much space.


areas for improvement:

We could definitely stop eaten out. That would lead to a lot less takeout containers and food that spoils quit in our fridge. As well as save money and get us to eat more of the food in our fridge that we bought at the market. Another way could be to make more frequent trips to the market, This was we are only buying what we need and not purchasing so much that half of it goes to wast.


Feasible actions:

When we do eat out take left overs for lunch, so that nothing is wasted, and talk to parents about buying less groceries so that there’s is not so much of one thing that no ones ends up eating and it ends up going bad.


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