September 22


  1. Introduction: “I’d like to inquire about a lot”(115)
  2. Rising action: “I’d prefer an older location” “I mean, where trees and shrubs have had a chance to grow” (115)
  3. Rising action: “Am I allowed…” “Is the purchaser allowed to visit it at any time?” (117)
  4. Rising action: “Please sign here.”
  5. Climax: “Ouch!” “That cursed bee stung me.” “I’m sorry.” “But that sting cost the bee its life.”(119)
  6. Falling action: “How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery” “It’s on my property. I purchased it, did I not?”(119)
  7. Falling action: “Look here, I won’t have it. You must stop this at once!” “Mr. Jerome, I have done you a great service. Your flowers have never been so magnificent or plentiful.”
  8. Denouement: “Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.”

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