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Week 11—[Variable and Intercept]

What I have learned:

  1. The dependent variable and The independent variable
  2. X- and Y- Intercepts of a Graph


Explain What I learned:

  1. The dependent variable: the function relation between the specific number with another (or several) will change the number of changes and changes, is call the dependent variable
  2. The independent variable: Independent variables is considered to be the cause of the dependent variable.
  3. Y = f (X). This type is expressed as Y is the dependent variable, X is the independent variable.
  4. X-intercept: Y-coordinate is 0.
  5. Y-intercept: X-Coordinate is 0.

Week 5—[Trigonometric Ratios]

Week 5—[Trigonometric Ratios]

What I have learned:

  1. Ratios of Sides in a Right Triangle
  2. sin, cos, tan

Explain What I learned:

  1. The longest side is called the HYPOTENUSE(hyp)
  2. The side opposite the angle of X° is called the OPPOSTE(opp)
  3. The third side of the triangle is called the ADJACENT(adj)
  4. Sine ratio=opp/hyp
  5. Cos ratio=adj/hyp
  6. Tangent ratio=opp/adj

Week 2 – [Radicals & Entire and mixed radicals ]

What I have learned:

1.How to simplify square roots,cube roots,fourth roots,etc…

2.What is an entire radical?What is a mixed radical?

3.Hoe do we convert between the two?

Explain what I learned:

1.Simplify square roots: √250=√5*5*10=5√10    Simplify cube roots: 3√250=3√5*5*5*2=5

2.Radicals expressed in the from n√b are called entire radicals. Radicals expressed in the from a(n√b )are called mixed radical.

3. 3√14=√9*√14=√9*14=√126

Week 1 – [Prime Factors & Number Systems]

What I have learned: 1.What is a prime?

2.Prime factorization

3.What is GCF/LCM

4.How can we use prime factorization to find GCF & LCM?

Explain what I learned: 1.In a natural number greater than 1, besides 1 and itself, there will be no other number called a prime factor.

2.Each prime number is a factor of the composite Numbers, called the prime factors of the  composite.

3.GCF: Two or more integers have one of the biggest in a few.

LCM:Two or more integer multiples of the public.

4.Division table/Tree diagram.