Desmos Portrait 2018

How did you figure what equations to use?

I started this assignment with a list of different functions I could use or may needed for the self portrait, through it involved a lot of trial and error. On the graph or “portrait” contains linear (y=x), quadrant (y=x2), and circle (r2=y2+x2) functions along with using greater, less than or equal to (<,>,=) to limit certain lines, as was said it took some playing around to figure out what numbers to use as coefficients and constants. There were some moments where I would come to a road block, in one way for example – making the function that involved shading an area, so I had asked for help and it had me understand better the use of <,> or =. However, as a result I decided not to use that function.

What did this assignment help you understand about functions?

This assignment allowed me to use and practice different functions, work on graphing numbers and memorize the outcomes of each function. Overall, using Desmos is more than just place the numbers for input (x) and output (y), it includes planning what should be used, balancing each function and a lot of problem solving.