‘House’ Journal Response

House – Epiphany

When did Harry first undergo his epiphany? How? Harry and his wife Anna were conflicted about whether should they buy an island or a suburban house. Harry had thought that it was high time that they gotten a house, however he wanted for Anna to desire a house, instead she planned on using her money to buy an island to live on, Harry even offered to sell the boat;

“because I would like to do something ordinary for a change. I am an ordinary man, and I’d like to be

ordinary just to see what it’s like”. (Pg.26).

Harry had believed that he should follow some of society’s
expectations, that it is natural and necessary for all families to live in a conventional manner. So Harry,
Anna and their kids, Doll and Joey had gone house hunting and eventually sold their boat to be able to
afford what they were looking at. The night before the moved to their purchased house;

[“Honey, are we making a terrible mistake” said Harry “Sure” Anna said “That’s the way we like to live”

“But this is different” said Harry “What’s different about it” “The boat. For instances. Now, if that was a

mistake, it was our own. This is the sort of mistake everybody makes.” “Right.” “Ordinary” Anna said…

She went to sleep, leaving him with that terrible and lonely idea, which had been his idea all along.]

This shows how Harry started to feel and slightly realized that he been too hastily, desiring a house in the suburbs like all other ordinary people, wanting to have the good things of a middle – aged, middle – class man with a mortgage and depts. Having to sell their freedom of using a boat to achieve that goal; “…and sooner or later, Anna was going to face him with it. Why hadn’t they bought that crazy island? Or a plane or a race horse? Something to feel guilty and defensive and proud about. What could you fell with a house, particularly an ordinary, sensible sort of house . . .?” (Pg.29). Feeling awful about seeking a plane ordinary life, he shown off an unexpected twist and was very contented to see Anna using a wrecking tool on the wall.