My Digital Footprint


Incoming footprints

A digital footprint is Information of a person that keeps track of what he/she is doing online, and if not kept in check, it could affect your chances of getting a career. For instance, if in the past you gossiped about other people and post it, later when applying/having a job interview, they’re going to see all the posts that you did online. Another example of a digital footprint, if you decided to start an account on Instagram, on setup, typing your username and maybe your full name, ahand-shake-with-phone-icon-92648nd  then everyone knows who you are, you start doing posts, sharing with friends and following other people, whatever you did, it’s recorded under your name online. What ever you say out there, it usually can’t delete it, you could remove it from your account and people would stop seeing it, but it can be dug back up. In other words, it’s like a trail of where you went, you can try and cover your tracks, but the trail is still there.

13584593-safety-first-symbol-stock-vector-signHere are some ways to keep your digital footprint safe and appropriate. 1) before you post. Think, is this safe? is it harmful? can people get offended? 2) Try not to post personal information like home address, full name, passwords, credit cards, licensed plate, things imagesthat can find your name. 3) You don’t need to post everything you do everyday, the least amount of posts, the better.

If I managed to find information, like something about class or something weuntitled would be doing the next day that would be okay to share with untitled1other students, I would spread the word by talking to them personally, or if I could, I would post on our class site or somewhere that only other classmates would see.