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Can We Shake on it?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures as the decision was made to close off all access to the facilities, building, landmarks and events to slow the curve of this pandemic, and established social distancing that we all know and love. No greet-kissing for the French or the Italians, no celebratory hugs either. With the fright etched in us from the virus, can we still shake on it after the pandemic?

What the heck am I talking about? Handshaking! Its the norm for greeting someone in North America, after waving… or grunting… good morning climbing out of bed. Anyway, I think handshaking will stay. Sure, the concern of spreading germs is really high right now, but habits are really hard to change for some people, especially if it involves tradition. Momentarily, we’re practicing just avoid contacting each other, not exactly practicing a new gesture. So, after the pandemic, handshaking greetings won’t be forgotten, by my understanding, as its not the real danger. It won’t be pushed out of trend.

Motivational Video – April 22

This video did hit closer to home compared to the previous videos since it addressed how can you succeed in a classroom? As being a student, the video did make me think about how I devote my time in school, whether I worked well or not, or if I’m really doing my best to achieve good results. Even with the first moments of the video creating an ominous mood about the struggle of succeeding, it pointed out that you put in is what you get in return and that no one is born to fail, because even in failure, there is always a lesson learned. Overall, the video itself served a way to remind one the worth of trying and giving your best, using attentive clips and a quiet soundtrack to create a cinematic feeling, drawing the viewers attention.

Sketching Reflection

I have been sketching for many years now. But a common misstep I do is the sizing of my drawings. Especially when I’m drawing people. Its a lot easier when I have the photo in front of me, but to do it from memory or to just create a fictional character, its more difficult to draw it properly. Therefore, I tried just practicing more with a photo or that person in front of me; just so I can get the sense of how faces and bodies are generally shaped, and build up to drawing without a reference. Overall, for sizing different aspects of the sketch, I now try drawing circles of the shape as a guide when I’m sketching.

Motivational Video Reflection – April 15

This video was more cinematic. Where majority used gentle piano background music to draw more focus on the speakers, who were loud and clear for the duration. Besides the thumbnail, I think the topic was how to define your self in life? It states a problem since most people always find it difficult to remember the reason why do we live, feel pain and struggle? and how this makes the video motivational is because it at least helps the viewer get closer to finding their answer, as there is no clear one since everyone is different. Yet, by showing different people giving their own reasons and hear it with their certainty, can give the viewer sense that they weren’t alone, because even if everyone is different, we still go through the same problems in society. The video shows its possible to overcome different problem, and that’s what I think makes this video motivational, at least.

But, there is one pick I have. In the end a speaker says “if you don’t have any doubts, your not pushing yourself hard enough”. I, personally, don’t understand it, because isn’t one trying to stop having doubts?

Motivational Video Relfection – April 9

What I took from watching this video was a sense of urgency, not what I expected from seeing the thumbnail. It was well done in getting someone’s attention, to tell that to achieve success, one has to take steps, to commit. What got me engaged was hearing about how “its the little things” that count, like failing a task, and it really takes multiple of them to make someone really doubt their self and stop wanting to achieve their goals, which is something I understand. What I didn’t expect most about the video is them explaining of how to succeed, or at least to get on path to success, and the atmosphere they gave was motivational by making the watcher feel this was a privilege that everyone has, as it was important to understand that success doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens through taking steps and showing dedication to completing ones goal, and to especially not let any failures (no matter what size) stop that achievement from happening. The video, overall, got me to reflect on my actions, and inspire me to dedicate to what I love doing.

Synthesis Relfection






The positives of this essay is how much I improved writing with flow, better transitions and managed to follow the thesis, along with well collected evidence that made the essay very informative. However, being informative lead to having a lot of deadwood, mainly many awkward sentences. Along with some grammar mistakes and overall a not very strong conclusion in the essay.

Therefore, I plan to further improve making sentence more concise and making sure not to include facts that aren’t relevant. Along with, revising over MLA format rules.

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Expository Essay #2 Reflection

This essay showed some improvement to how I written thesis statements, connecting quotes to text and the conclusion had no real issues. In addition, the whole essay is decent in length. However, where the topic was based from, it included some experiences of the main character that I didn’t understand completely at first, though, it was interesting to discuss how and why the main character acted they way he did in the story. Overall, a common mistake I make is my grammar and spelling that I need to check for constantly as I’m writing.