Motivational Video – May 13

I thought sometimes, and experienced about failures and its stinks, since time and time again I mess up and confirm that I’m not perfect and its an impossible, unachievable goal (unless with some comic-book twist). But this isn’t a comic and that author can’t be relied on.                                   So the question is: how to keep going?

I know I’m late with this post (ha, this is an example of a failure), so after I cringe and taste the humiliation, I might just stop posting in shame; but its the only thing stopping me from gettin’ it done. If I didn’t want this enough, I wouldn’t keep posting; I might even stop going to class if I didn’t care enough. But I do, I do care because I still learn. I like to learn and forgetting one assignment isn’t going to make I huge difference if I get better at posting on time.

Elon Musk –  Against  All  Odds  is a video that addressed this. Featuring Elon Musk; one of the major players in leading the world’s advancements in technology, and we all assume that he got there in one shot; until he recounts his life story before he begun building Tesla – the electric energy company we all know; and the set-backs with his second company – Space X.

The video was a fresh reminder for me that people who seem successful, weren’t born or given something successful and didn’t have to go through any trouble; and then they broke the ice with Musk. Since its inspiring and encouraging to see that no one is hopeless at achieving success. After watching the video; there is with out a doubt, at least once in peoples lives, did they think they can’t do something because they aren’t rich, famous, seemingly talented like those they idolize or so stuck that they gave up. But really, the only difference is the time and place. Successful people are where they are because they worked, they kept trying; they cared enough to achieve their goal and understood what was necessary to get there.


Here’s the video if you wanna see

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