Motivational Video – May 6

“No Excuses” was intense. It was well used in showing the urgency and making the audience engaged. In order to start their topic, they mention that one would get in their own way from achieving their goal; and that there should not be any excuses for it, which I agree on mostly. It can be seen in a harsh light, because it may seem they’re giving the notion that saying excuses makes you a loser, or similar, but its not. At least, I don’t think it does.

Someone might say or think that they’re not good enough or they can’t follow their dream, and they start to think of every reason while watching this video. They’re either afraid, or worried, and they use excuses instead of admitting the truth. Which is hard to say without some understanding of why they hide, I’ll admit.

In my personal opinion, I see excuses as a way to avoid being blamed and feeling hurt but its also a way to bring more self doubt. I’m not saying you can’t use excuses, sometimes you need them; but in certain cases, you reap what you sew. And that’s why people should try to be aware of the situations they dive into because if that project deadline is today and your not done, you showed yourself as a failure for taking a huge job you couldn’t handle¬†yet. It’s okay to start small, if you need to take a step back, do it, if you need help, get it. In the video, they say you have what you need, you have access to the resources, always. But yeah, its difficult to admit your faults and loose pride, but it shows more that you are willing to work hard. You are serious about the goals you set. And when you reach there, people will see you as an achiever. You shouldn’t worry if someone nit picks on your mistakes because they themselves want to bring to down to their level of commitment. Deep down, you want to see yourself as a the best, so try to feel your best first.

Its difficult because (from what I think) people are stuck in the mindset that they owe it to someone to be amazing without trying, to strike the ball off the bat without practice. That someone is out there, judging you and disliking you.

But they’re across the globe and can’t hurt you. So, get rid of that mindset (in my opinion).

If your tired of hating yourself after every major fail, just admit it, no excuse. Because your gonna walk out of that office and get working again since sure, you may fail again, but with a smaller chance.

(But that is just my opinion, feel free to make an argument about it)


I’m done, peace.

Thanks for making it down here.

Here is the video in question >>

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