Can We Shake on it?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures as the decision was made to close off all access to the facilities, building, landmarks and events to slow the curve of this pandemic, and established social distancing that we all know and love. No greet-kissing for the French or the Italians, no celebratory hugs either. With the fright etched in us from the virus, can we still shake on it after the pandemic?

What the heck am I talking about? Handshaking! Its the norm for greeting someone in North America, after waving… or grunting… good morning climbing out of bed. Anyway, I think handshaking will stay. Sure, the concern of spreading germs is really high right now, but habits are really hard to change for some people, especially if it involves tradition. Momentarily, we’re practicing just avoid contacting each other, not exactly practicing a new gesture. So, after the pandemic, handshaking greetings won’t be forgotten, by my understanding, as its not the real danger. It won’t be pushed out of trend.

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