Motivational Video Relfection – April 9

What I took from watching this video was a sense of urgency, not what I expected from seeing the thumbnail. It was well done in getting someone’s attention, to tell that to achieve success, one has to take steps, to commit. What got me engaged was hearing about how “its the little things” that count, like failing a task, and it really takes multiple of them to make someone really doubt their self and stop wanting to achieve their goals, which is something I understand. What I didn’t expect most about the video is them explaining of how to succeed, or at least to get on path to success, and the atmosphere they gave was motivational by making the watcher feel this was a privilege that everyone has, as it was important to understand that success doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens through taking steps and showing dedication to completing ones goal, and to especially not let any failures (no matter what size) stop that achievement from happening. The video, overall, got me to reflect on my actions, and inspire me to dedicate to what I love doing.

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