Tech Team Divi-Builder Review

What are the strengths? Things you found useful.

Divi-Builder offers many new options to design a blog that couldn’t never be done on the traditional editor in Edublog without tearing your hair out; as the editor is limited to only moving images around the post if you’re able to move them at all. With a fast enough computer, the plug-in allows for the blogger to make text boxes in the post, change the shape of text boxes, replace the background with colors, gradients, images and even videos, change font more easily, even inputting custom modules (polls, timers, videos, animations, etc), insert columns, input animations for buttons, links, and more that I can’t list here.

What are the weakness? Things that could be improved.

I mentioned above ‘with a fast enough computer‘ Divi-Builder is more efficient to use. The first issue I had with the plug-in is how slow it was when I enabled it on my laptop. The plug-in slowed the web=page so much, it reached to a point where I wasn’t sure what I clicked on. So to see faster results, its better to work on desktop or a gaming laptop for the time being.

How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

Overall, Divi-Builder is a huge improvement to editing in EduBlogs, and would allow students to experience what its like do web-design. Sure its without coding: however, it introduces new bloggers the concept of layout and consider what they want and what else they can include more on their blog with the help of Divi-Builder. I would recommend this plug-in for anyone who is invested in web-design or want more customize options.

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