Canada’s Identity

I choose this image to represent what we have in Canada, and the objects contained in this shows a lot of that. For example, there are trees, fish and a farm tracker which represents that Canada is a resource based country, meaning we make a lot of trade with wood, fish and crops. Another example is the boats and the marine, symbolizing how (before Confederation) people did most travel by boat/canoes or people who live on the east or west coast did mainly fishing. Here is a fact even; Did you know that Canada has the worlds largest costal lines, obliviously including both the east and west. Or another example is you can figure out that how Canadians favors hockey, curling and skating just by thinking what each figure is.(There is even a silhouette of the hockey Stanley Cup on the bottom left side of the totem pole in the middle of the leaf). This image shouts both historical and current interests of past and present Canadians. If any Canadian of today or even 50 years ago would stop and glance at this image, they would to, realize how many different things symbolize the Country of Canada.

Origin of Canada’s Flag

The question of the origins of our countries flag or the name sometimes came back to me. Discovering this article answered the question, which is the reason why I chose to post and share. To have a official national flag, it has to show/represent the characteristics of said country. For Canada’s current flag, the reason why it was chosen was for 3 reason; The clarity and striking design made it easily recognizable, it used Canada’s official national colours (red and white) , the maple leaf had already become a popular emblem of Canadian national identity at home and abroad. If someone from the year 1921 to the 1957, the wouldn’t recognize the Maple Leaf flag, because their flag(s) at the time was the Red Ensign Flag which had charged three times between those 2 time periods.

Current Flag

Before 1957, the maple leafs were green.


In 1921 Canada got a new coat of arms from the College of Arms in London.

The Red Ensign flag of Canada before 1921. The coat of arms was a collection of the province’s coat of arms.

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