What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

Key Question: What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

In my personal opinion, ethic of care means that helping or thinking deeply about someone sincerely. To create an ethic of care, people would require some experiences that related to themselves directly. For example, just knowing something cannot be called as one actually experienced it. At least they should have some personal relationship in a direct way of physical or mental. Furthermore, the most important thing is that caring something depends on one’s mind. In this sense, people should have a mind of willingness to care for the environment where they currently live. It is because most people would not want to lose the environment, which is also their home, as a result. In the current society, I already can see that plenty parts of the environment have destroyed by people, through the product of environmental pollution. To prevent it, people should start from the basic things, such as recycling, and buying as much as one eats so that food is not going to be wasted. From this change of act, there is an advantage. As the number of individuals who keep the solution increases, the environment will stop to be getting worse, and even more, it will get better. However, there would be a side effect of the solution too. By people starts to care of the environment, the development can be slower down in many ways. Nevertheless, if people can control the middle point of advantage and disadvantage, we should adopt an ethic of care towards the environment.

Core Competency Reflection_Pre-Calc 12

How has this unit impacted your creative and critical thinking and communication skills?

I have learned how to move graphs and interpret the moves of them from this unit. For me, this section was the one of math that deeply requires my creative and critical thinking. I had to keep thinking, in related to what I found from other problems, to solve new challenger problems. My creative thinking has been developed by applying my knowledge, and by checking back, I was able to improve my critical thinking. Mr. Muro usually let students talk to their partners during class time. Through the communication with my partner, I also could develop my communication skills.

Geography 12 – Reconnecting with location


As I was standing in the woods, I saw the sunshine, the trees, leaves and mud. I could deeply thinking about freedom because I was in the silence, only with sounds of the nature. Also, I felt as if I was deeply connected with the nature. All the compositions of the walking road surrounded by trees interested me with the fresh air, the nice green view and the soft mud. To not use my phone to take photos and videos of the beautiful view was the only difficult thing to me.


At Downtown Poco, the mood was totally different from yesterday. Car noise, people talking, and the whole atmosphere was busy. I saw many artificial things, such as cars and buildings, and people walking. It was not easy to think deeply about something, and I felt awkward. In different way of feeling with yesterday’s, which is peaceful, the Downtown made me feel awkward so that it is harder to not use phone. I absolutely felt my feelings, thoughts and actions changes depends on where I am.

English 11 Poetry Project – Infinite Finite

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Infinite Finite

The infinite world is a group of finite things

Every product of nature, and their huge flow of a large mountain

The endless fence is only within the boundary of a heavy clock needle

A flock of sheep running around, and their vast fields


Everything that yearns for eternity is finite,

In The greatness of power

be eaten up by the infinity of the finite land,

In Cruelty of humans


 What pursues Infinity fails to stay infinite

Meaninglessness in life and death

Drowning deep, deep into the eternity

Struggles of our mother nature


Leaving the traits that perish, again, 

becoming of a small part of the universe.



The type of the poem “Infinite Finite” written by Eunsoo Kim is a lyric attempting a sonnet. The poem has a theme; all the constructions of the world are finites by the infinite time. In this respect, the poem basically has a thematic relation with the poem, Ozymandias. Both say about that nothing can get ahead of time, but Infinite Finite is saying more deeply about it. Ozymandias tells that in front of time, nothing is able to exist forever, however, when even the power of the king of kings has gone with his power, the architecture still exists, and this tells the infinity of art. However, in different, Eunsoo Kim’s poem tells that everything is unable to get ahead of time even it is an art. The poem has tone of satire. In the first line, where Eunsoo shows the tone, “The infinite world is a group of finite things,” it contains the main content of the poem that even everything which seems powerful, time only makes them trifling grains of sand.

“Every product of nature, and their huge flow like a large mountain” is an example for the simile to express that the flow of nature, such as life and death, weather, etc., that much stronger than physical existences. “The boundary of a heavy clock needle” is a type of synecdoche that means time flow, which is even stronger than the flow of nature. “Fence” is also a metonymy that means the world. Therefore, the meaning of the line will be “the world is controlled by time.” From the eighth line, “infinity of finite land” is an oxymoron that means the ironic phenomenon that people cannot see the end of the world, so it feels like infinite, but it is not. From the two lines, “Meaninglessness in life and death” and “Drowning deep, deep into the eternity,” death, drowning, and deep are the alliterations. Lastly, From the second stanza, “What pursues infinity fails to stay infinite,” pursues is a personification that personifies every elements of the world, even which are not humans. “Struggles of our mother nature” and “becoming of a small part of the universe” are also the personifications.


Poem Analysis:

Ozymandias is a sonnet, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem has a theme related to time, art and literature, which is, “In time, all power is gone and gone, but art is more eternal than power.” In the poem, the poet is a narrator, and he is telling about what the traveler said; there is a destroyed architecture on desert, and it symbolizes the power of Ozymandias, and there was stamped words which how Ozymandias was powerful in the past, but ironically, there was nothing left besides the architecture. From the poem, “My name is Ozymandias King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” is the lines that represents how the king Ozymandias had a great power in the past. However, from the next following line, “Nothing beside remains” shows that the power had lost its fame as time has passed through, except the architecture on the desert. The faded power is shown in the line, “Two vast and trunk less legs of stone Stand in the desert…,” through a description of the destroyed architecture. For the poetry devices from Ozymandias, “stone Stand” is a sound device of alliteration. The line, “Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip,” is a metaphor which expresses negatively about the face, which is also a symbol of power. The last five lines have an irony, also the tone of satire, because there has nothing left beside the powerful king’s architecture. In larger, the theme of Ozymandias is related to the Macbeth’s theme, “In front of great flow of the world, desire and longing are useless.”



What is your objective of being a vegan? – Spoken Word Gr.11

This is the link for my spoken word video

The type is rant, and topic/title is “What is your objective of being a vegan?”

I discussed about the “hypocrisy of vegan.” Not all the vegans, the type of “one that respect organism and to stop waisting lives of animals for human’s interest.” I wanted to convey the truth of choosing to be a vegan for the solution to respect organism’s life.

“We are all equal living beings.”


Blog log #2

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Unnecessary School Uniforms

The article, “Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?” deals with the controversy about necessity of school uniforms. In Korea, where I am from, not only private schools, but also most public schools have uniform, so school uniforms is more of an issue than US or Canada. The reason I chose this article is because I always wonder about if school uniforms are really needed for students, when I used to go Korean school. The proponents say that “School uniforms make schools safer for students and encourage children to focus on their studies rather than their clothes” so on. The opponents say, “School uniform infringe upon students’ right to express their individuality, have no positive effect on behaviour and academic achievement, and emphasize the socioeconomic disparities they are intended to disguise.” As a student who has experienced both conditions, I am in opponents’ position. Firstly, School uniforms do not function to help students to focus on study. It is because even though students are wearing uniforms, they still smoke, drink, bully friends, and in some cases, they even hit their teachers. Also, as the opponents in the article say, it is not good to oppress students knowing themselves, expressing their own style.  Lastly, it is also the one of the biggest problems, and why I chose to be opponents, is the price of school uniforms. Honestly, pretty high number of poverty students in Korea work rather than go to school, or they cannot study freely because they don’t have enough money for materials they need. These days, school uniforms are being changed to a convenient form or are being carried out for free, but I think it still has a lot left to improve. I do not think students should wear school uniforms, because I am feeling much more comfortable here, in Canadian school without school uniforms, for the reasons I listed.

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