What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

Key Question: What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

In my personal opinion, ethic of care means that helping or thinking deeply about someone sincerely. To create an ethic of care, people would require some experiences that related to themselves directly. For example, just knowing something cannot be called as one actually experienced it. At least they should have some personal relationship in a direct way of physical or mental. Furthermore, the most important thing is that caring something depends on one’s mind. In this sense, people should have a mind of willingness to care for the environment where they currently live. It is because most people would not want to lose the environment, which is also their home, as a result. In the current society, I already can see that plenty parts of the environment have destroyed by people, through the product of environmental pollution. To prevent it, people should start from the basic things, such as recycling, and buying as much as one eats so that food is not going to be wasted. From this change of act, there is an advantage. As the number of individuals who keep the solution increases, the environment will stop to be getting worse, and even more, it will get better. However, there would be a side effect of the solution too. By people starts to care of the environment, the development can be slower down in many ways. Nevertheless, if people can control the middle point of advantage and disadvantage, we should adopt an ethic of care towards the environment.

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