Describe the relationship between Meimei and her mother

In the story “Rules of The Game,” Meimei always sought her mother’s advice. And we can see overall, her mother was proud and wished for her daughter’s success. Overall, her mother was proud and wished for her daughter’s success. While Meimei spends all her time winning, Mom keeps telling people that Meimei’s just lucky. But Meimei keeps improving, and soon becomes a wee genius at chess. However, this good relationship has not been sustained until the end. Even Meimei’s success, Mom continually tosses out little passive-aggressive put-downs. She no longer played in the alley of Meimei Place. She never visited the playground where the pigeons and old men gathered. She went to school, then directly home to learn new chess secrets, cleverly concealed advantages, more escape routes. Meimei realizes that she’s lost out on a lot of childhood activities because she has to come home and practice chess every day. But she found it difficult to concentrate at home. Her mother had a habit of standing over me while she plotted out my games. She thought of herself as my protective ally. There may be a few perks, like never doing chores, but Meimei feels it’s not good. One day, the Meimei’s conflict was expressed outside, not just stay her inside. On the Saturday market day her mother would proudly walk with her, visiting many shops, buying very little. And she said “This is my daughter Wavely Jong,” to whoever looked her way. Meimei hate this so she told her mother that she felt shame in that situation. In this conflict, she ducked into another dark alley, down another street, up another alley. She ran until it hurt and I realized she had nowhere to go, that she was not running from anything. After two hours, she went back to her house. At this story does not tell the next situation. But the conflict will be continued. This kind of conflict is very common situation between children and parents. Of course, who is not has pride to their children Furthermore who is success. Everyone might want to boast their success children. Also the exact thing, her parents made many concessions to allow me to practice. Every parents want to see their children’s success because they hope their children be happy. But many children can’t understand. However Meimei and her mother had little different point in their relationship. Meimei accepted American education from childhood so she does not understand Chinese culture. On the other hand her mother was a traditional Chinese parent who always teaches the Chinese culture. Personal thoughts and backgrounds are considered important in all relationship. Although they appeared as cultural differences, the conflict of generational difference is a similar form of common problem between parents and children.

According to these above, Meimei and her mother has common relationship in this book.