monkeys paw

The moral of the story, “The Monkey’s Paw” is do not be greedy or selfish and do your best at every moment. They have greedy for money. So they used monkey’s paw for 200 pound. But this book we should not even try to make money without any cost, or make a pig of oneself. Make money in unjustified way is immoral and despicable behavior. Everything comes at a cost. They didn’t recognition their mistake. We can know that they rely on monkey’s paw again. They are greed without effort as well as by monkey’s paw tried to get everything in. Even his son alive again. As a result, they lost their son and get saddled with bad luck. Human selfishness and greed is everywhere around the world, and exist as it happens a lot of damage arising on derecognition of. Stealing someone’s things, and kill someone, not to comply with the order. It is also important to look forward, running, of course, but it is more important to enable to see around us. Not to pursue our own interests, trying to pursue the interests of all of us. And consideration is required for community also. Not obsessed with moment. When trying look into the future then we will reduce our selfishness, greed, naturally. And we don’t have to rely on in Monkey paw. Maybe the monkey’s paw might be the simple fake that created by Human greed for justify their wrong and selfishness. So right now, for everything the author said to modern people with any greed for everything and without even tries to achieve it all just trying to choose the easy way to an unjustified way. It is totally wrong. If we are not fix to right way, the problem will make another problem and furthermore, those problems bring danger not only you that also your family.