Lord of the Flies – Morality Podcast


Fact 1 : mob mentality make effect to the children who don’t have guardian. so in that society, the mob mentality is control whole dicision.
Bhalla, Ruchi, and Christopher Kowalski. “What Lord of the Flies teaches us about primitive defence mechanisms and societal discontent–psychiatry in literature.” The British Journal of Psychiatry 210.3 (2017): 189-189.
Fact 2 :the beast was the inner fear of children.
George, Jose, and R. L. N. Raju. “Personal Accountability to Evil in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.” Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 6.6 S2 (2015): 174.

Fact 3 :’I’, which is mentioned by the lord of flies, is an evil propensity inherent in man.

Chatterjee, Arnab. “William Golding’s Apocalyptic Vision in Lord of the Flies and Pincher Martin.” Prague Journal of English Studies6.1 (2017): 45-56.

Fact 4 :”one dog may bark at you but it’s more likely that a pack will attack you.”
Dr. Wendy.J.D. personal interview. 4 Nov.2017

Fact 5 :

Isaac, Rami K. “Every utopia turns into dystopia.” Tourism Management 51 (2015): 329-330.