What makes good writing

What makes good writing?


Authors or writers should consider about ‘what would make my writing more interesting to readers?’ while they writhing. For example, after writers set their topic and opinion, the most important thing is grab the reader’s attention. Imagine, what if writers have a fantastic opinions and evidence, but they don’t have readers to show their work? Their writing will not get a spotlight which means it’s not a good writing. So this point writers have to make a great and strong hook to grab the reader’s interest and make them to read their writing until the end. After that, writer should have reasonable 3 opinions and evidences for each of them. Of course, they have to make opinions but some bad writing has no reasonable opinions and evidences. It will not make a good writing. So writers should set a powerful and has impact opinions and evidence for body paragraph.


People who show their argument through their creative writing, they should consider about ‘what key things would make this writing more interesting and better?’, while they writing. For example after writers got their topic and set their arguments, the most important thing is grab reader’s attention. Imagine, what if writer wrote a fantastic opinions and evidence which fit to the topic, but they don’t have readers to show their work? Their writing will not get a spotlight which means it’s not a good writing. For this point, writer should state a great and strong hook at their introduction to grab reader’s interest so make them to read their writing until the conclusion. After that, writer should have reasonable three opinions and comments in there writing. Good writers always have a nice arguments and possible evidence for readers. Writing should include messages that writer wants to give to a readers. Moreover, those great writing have a persuasive power to make their readers agree to their thinks. This paragraph discuss about how to make a good writing, such as State an attractive hook for grabs an interest of audience, and reasonable evidence to support their thought.


Where I’m from

I Am From Poem

Use this template to draft your poem, and then write a final draft to share on blank paper.

I am from ___my soft ivory blouse____________ (specific ordinary item)

From __white film camera_____ and ____black television________ (product name) (product name)

I am from the    a little cave that my parents created   (home description)

    cozy     ,      drowsy   ,       smell of tranquil_______ (adjective) (adjective) (sensory detail)

I am from      light pink Lisianthus flower     , (plant, flower, natural item)

____a plenty of petals gather which seems like has various appearance       (description of above item)

I’m from _traveling together on every holiday       and ____take a video or picture to record beautiful memory __ (family tradition) (family trait)

From       Heeyoung       and       Keunsang         (name of family member) (another family name)

I’m from the     responsibility of consideration for each other___ and   quick reconciliation __ (description of family tendency) (another one)

From ____famous doctor_____ and       dream of mermaid __ (something you were told as a child) (another)

I’m from ___Christianity that I lean on     , ___false-hearted which bother me every time_____ (representaation of religion or lack of), (further description)

I’m from              busy but lovely Seoul, Korea                (place of birth and family ancestry)

                Warm bread which still has steam                   , famous chef’s pasta which has a long noodle like my life             (a food item that represents your family) (another one)

From the _________passionate mother who is my biggest supporter and adviser         (specific family story about a specific person and detail)

The ____Dad is my roof that I can hid when the rain     (another detail of another family member)

              sea of west is big for us, because my family went their almost every years             (location of family pictures, mementos, archives)

             our table was the place that we had conversation, we cry and laugh a lot________ (line explaining the importance of family items)

Poetry in motion project


Entire of my school life, I have bunch of sweet friends, and nice teachers. While, at the top of them my mother was the best supporter and adviser for me. I might not success without her. Every time when I’m in hardship she was beside me. Moreover, this time which I grew up and graduate soon,  I would like to give a message to my mother that is my turn to take care of her, and be help for my mom.  I took a few scenes that my mother comfort me, but she was alone, but time goes on, I’m with her (be with her tea time).