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I am a person’s wife, two man’s mother. I have to take care about my family’s peace, and stability. Of course I know I’m too much devotion to my husband. You might think about me stupid, but I could not help it. What if you find out your husband tried to die? And because of that your family will be break down? I wanted my own life. I want to love myself, I hope freedom to live my life. But I am the mom, I am a person’s wife. I live in a hard days. One day, I insulting my children, that hurts myef, but as a result, they got a job. That’s enough for me. I’m not myself, I’m not Linda anymore. Now I’m only someone’s wife and mom. Am I still look stupid and frustrating?


The stranger – blackout poetry

The poem “The Stranger” by Gord Downie includes a few poetic devices and when the readers understand that, they can get the denotative meaning as well as connotative meaning. Firstly, literal meaning is the boy is escaping from residential school and recalling his memory in the past. The poem has repetition. Speaker keeps saying “I am the stranger” (Downie, 1) and its emphasis on the struggle for identity. “What is in my head/ What is in my chest” (Downie,15-16) this is end rhyme that gives the meaning like no one understands his experience. Moreover, this poem has few symbols one of that is the ‘path.’ The path means freedom, and the speaking is waling a long path. Its connotative means; the speaker is walking for his freedom. Also, “Let me catch my breath” (Downie, 20) this means he wants to escape from those who wish to detain for the school. For the imagery, it helps and build abundant emotion of the poem. “Navigate the mud” (Downie, 5) this shows that he is trying to find the better lifestyle. Looking at the meaning that the author wanted to convey through this poem, you cannot change somebody from who they indeed are, or people run from their problems when there is not an outlet to communicate them. While reading and analyze this poem, readers can find out the historical fact about residential school. The author creates many poetic devices, and it makes the situations and emotions more realistic. The readers analyze that author’s poem’s devise and get indirect experience.

Lord of the Flies – Morality Podcast

Fact 1 : mob mentality make effect to the children who don’t have guardian. so in that society, the mob mentality is control whole dicision.
Bhalla, Ruchi, and Christopher Kowalski. “What Lord of the Flies teaches us about primitive defence mechanisms and societal discontent–psychiatry in literature.” The British Journal of Psychiatry 210.3 (2017): 189-189.
Fact 2 :the beast was the inner fear of children.
George, Jose, and R. L. N. Raju. “Personal Accountability to Evil in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.” Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 6.6 S2 (2015): 174.

Fact 3 :’I’, which is mentioned by the lord of flies, is an evil propensity inherent in man.

Chatterjee, Arnab. “William Golding’s Apocalyptic Vision in Lord of the Flies and Pincher Martin.” Prague Journal of English Studies6.1 (2017): 45-56.

Fact 4 :”one dog may bark at you but it’s more likely that a pack will attack you.”
Dr. Wendy.J.D. personal interview. 4 Nov.2017

Fact 5 :

Isaac, Rami K. “Every utopia turns into dystopia.” Tourism Management 51 (2015): 329-330.

Lord of the Flies” – Island Description

(Following qoutes are based on the book.)

1.beach “The shore was fledged with palm trees.”

2. Island “we are on an island. We’ve been on the mountain-top and seen water all round.”

“He was surrounded on all sides by chasms of empty air, nowhere to hide, even if one did not have to go on… the sea would make an island of the castle” (144).

“On the right hand was the lagoon, troubled by the open sea” (144) .

“That is a reef out in the sea” (2).

(the following are quotes based of Lord of the Flies)

The lagoon/ pool that Ralph swam in on the first chapter
“But the island ran true to form and the incredible pool, which clearly was only invaded by the sea at high tide, was so deep at one end as to be
dark green” (14)

2. The beach

“The tide was low and there was a strip of weed-strewn beach that was almost as firm as a road” (33)
3. Mountain cliff/rocks

“…his eyes and followed the jagged outline of the crags up toward the mountain.
This part of the beach was nearer the mountain than any other that
they had seen.”(33)

1) Sea

“That is a reef out in the sea”(2).

2) Lagoon

“On the right hand was the lagoon, troubled by the open sea”(144).

3) Island

“He was surrounded on all sides by chasms of empty air, nowhere to hide, even if one did not have to go on… the sea would make an island of the castle” (144).

4) Beach

“Here the beach was interrupted abruptly by the square motif of the landscape; a great platform of pink granite thrust uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and a lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high. The top of this was covered with a thin layer of soil and coarse grass”(6).

5) Mountain

“His eyes and followed the jagged outline of the crags up toward the mountain.
This part of the beach was nearer the mountain than any other that
they had seen.”(33)

3) Scar

“Beyond falls and cliffs there was a gash visible in the trees; there were
the splintered trunks and then the drag, leaving only a fringe of palm
between the scar and the sea” (39)

“…his eyes and followed the jagged outline of the crags up toward the mountain. This part of the beach was nearer the mountain than any other that they had seen.”(33)

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

BANG. The big and robust sound came out. At that moment Mitty closed his eyes. In a short time, he thinks his past like a panorama in the dark. “Scot!” shouted his sergeant. Soon the surrounding is noisy. He thought ‘Am I already came to the afterlife?” Mitty opened his eyes slowly the man who aimed at the rifle was laid down and bleeding in his left eye. A sergeant cries a lot. Mitty thought perhaps they were best friends. He spoke in a sarcastic tone. “Gun miscarried. Too bad, but well, thanks to that, I am alive. “He feels guilty. A man died before his eyes, but he should not show off his guilty. At that moment the rope descended from heaven. His team tried to rescue him by sending a helicopter. He thought, ‘if they come more early before you die.’ However, he looked at eyes which staring at him and said, “if you want to follow your friend, come to visit me.’ A colleague of Mitty, who came down from the rope, hit him on the shoulder a few times.

“Hey, Hey! Get out of here; I have to go down.” A painter dangling from the rope hit Mitty’s shoulder. “Oh, sorry. Did you paint his building?” Mitty said. “yep.,” said painter. “Honey, what are you doing here?” said his wife. “Nothing,” said Mitty. “Ahh…oh here!” his wife gave a mask to him. “What is this?” said Mitty. “Can’t you remember? We have a recital in the church on this weekend!”Says his wife with disdainful. She continued, but it’s fade out slowly. “How could you forget? What are you thinking? How come you’ve been so space out lately!” …“hey dud, are you coming tonight?” a woman said. “Of course everyone is coming! This ball is the only time to see the royalty! I’ve never seen them. They’re pretty much be shrouded in mystery. I can’t wait for it!” Two women passed Mitty. “See? Today is the big opportunity for stealing costly things. Everyone in this town, come to this royal ball. Also, it’s a masked ball! The golden opportunity of life!” Said Pitter who is Mitty’s peer. “Yes. My children are waiting. I couldn’t feed them this week, but if success today, we don’t need to beg for a month’s worth of food.” Said Mitty. “Okay, good luck my friend,” Pitter said. Mitty covered his face with a mask so anybody could not see his face. Looking at the back of the Pitter who goes farther, he said, “Mitty Just think about kids. Nothing matter for me. It’ll be fine.” Mitty walks naturally into people, and a clock pointed 9 o’clock. The entrance to the castle was frantic with crowds of people. Mitty tries to put his hand into a woman’ bag for steal something. But suddenly, an uncovered memory makes confusing Mitty. ‘What is this…?’ These inscrutable memories come up frequently these days. Which is considered his memories even though he knows it is not his memory. Mitty can’t-do anything. “Hey! I was looking out you! Wow, man, you look cool today.” Pitty suddenly came to Mitty, and he snatched his hand with a green tone. “Watch out! You almost got caught.” Pitty whispered. “Thanks,” Mitty said with wobble voice. “Take care.” Pitty disappears into people. Mitty keeps wondering around “I..I can’t….” Mitty goes to the terrace, and he takes a sigh. Suddenly the fireworks cover the sky. He looked at the fireworks and missed it very much.

At that moment, every sound fades out, but only one voice comes out. “Prisoner number 1004. Frank Downey. Suspicion, theft, and murder. Punishment, public hangings. Do you have any last word?”

“For goodness ‘ sake, lose all memories of life in the next life.”

Tears ran down Mitty’s cheeks. “No…” the night of the pandemonium is deepening with fancy fireworks.

Living with memories of past life, is it an opportunity or a punishment? Mitty struggled with his affliction.

Capital punishment “Two Fishermen”

  1. In 1865, the execution of hanging from murder, rebellion and rape was legalized and actualized. In 1966, it was restricted to the murder of a police officer or officer, but the death penalty was removed in the 1976 Canadian Criminal Code.
    Thereafter, although the reintroduction of the death penalty was discussed, it was replaced with a life sentence without parole. In recent years(2001), it has been ruled that all but exceptional cases require the Constitution not to impose the death penalty. The setting of the “Two Fishermen” is 1900′-1930′, so capital punishment is allowed when people did Crimes of murder, treason, or rape.
  2. Even if Thomas Delaney is acting to defend his wife, murder can not be justified. The law should be concluded with only the situation and the facts of both sides in the most fair sense, and emotion and understanding can not be involved. So Thomas Delaney’s situation is understandable, but his murder is not justified for any reason.